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Welcome to my free online lessons page. Here, I'll post video lessons and online learning resources so you can start developing your musical skills right away - regularly updated, and forever FREE!


My goal is for the Manchester Music Tutor website to be more than just a homepage for my teaching services;

I want to build a hub of free, readily accessible and genuinely useful learning resources for musicians at any level. That goes for piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons and music theory lessons too!

I'll also post links to each of my video uploads on my monkthebassist Youtube channel as they go live, as well as some extra, super-exclusive information about each of the songs. Think of these as my DVD extras, or

even deeper dives for the super nerdy - You won't find this information anywhere else on the web!

Guile bass THUMBNAIL.png
What Street Fighter II taught me about slap bass

Uploaded 20/8/21

Guile's Theme, Street Fighter II

Bass Guitar - Advanced

Sketchpad - Bass_edited.jpg

New lessons coming soon!

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