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Photo credits

Joshua Leo Dorfman Photography

Music, fashion, wedding photography and more - check out Josh's work here:

Sinister Underground Productions

Amazing live music photography and all-around wonderful human! See Jayy's work here:

Instrument set-ups and repairs

Jack's Instrument Services

All my guitars and basses have been professionally set up and customised by the extremely talented chaps at Jack's Instrument Services in Cheetham Hill. I can't recommend them enough!

Youtube channels you should watch

General music-related stuff

Keyboard / Piano

  • Learn This Tune - Clever keyboard recreations of classic video game music

  • Pianote - Simple piano lessons to follow along with. Great for beginners!

  • Jazz Tutorial with Julian Bradley - Excellent videos on jazz harmony and piano techniques. Advanced, but extremely well-explained

  • Nahre Sol - Interesting, informative videos about Classical piano-playing, plus some great exercises for intermediate/advanced players

  • Mike Pensini - Infectiously groovy keyboard/synth playing. Never fails to make me smile


  • Rob Scallon - Informative, often silly but never dull... One of Youtube's most entertaining guitar channels

  • The-Art-of-Guitar - Great video lessons for guitarists of all abilities, especially those into rock and metal

  • Marcos Kaiser - Brazilian Classical / Flamenco guitarist with some very clever guitar versions of film soundtracks

  • Super Guitar Bros - Face-hurtingly good jazz duets of video game music. It's all my favourite things at once

  • Seiji Igusa - Very cool jazz arrangements of popular tunes, all with tabs to follow along with

  • Kmac2021 - Short, dumb videos about metal guitar. I love this guy


  • Scott's Bass Lessons - Video lessons for bassists of all levels. Really good stuff

  • Anthony Muthurajah - Some really useful, out-there video lessons for advanced bassists

  • Kinga Glyk - Ridiculously underrated bass player, Kinga Glyk makes her bass guitar sing!

  • Adam Ben Ezra - Double bass as a lead instrument. Very cool indeed!

Music theory and composition

  • 12tone - Fun, well-explained videos that make music theory accessible

  • Louie Zong - Cute, accessible, animated videos about music theory.

  • 8-bit Music Theory - Explores the music theory of video game music throughout the decades

  • Adam Neely - Super interesting, nerdy and occasionally mindblowing videos about what makes music tick

  • Jacob Collier - Complexer and complexer... there's no way Jacob Collier is a human

  • Sideways - Entertaining, nerdy videos on music composed for film, among other things

  • Philharmonia Orchestra - A nice easy entry into orchestral music - their "Instrument Guides" videos are particularly good

  • David Bruce Composer - Thought-provoking vids about where Classical and popular/non-Classical music meet, great for aspiring songwriters and composers

Music production, software and technology

  • Rick Beato - Deep dives into what makes famous and classic songs great. Hosted by a white-haired music industry guru

  • Andrew Huang - Slick, entertaining videos on songwriting, studio recording and music technology

  • Device Orchestra - One man's quest to recreate every popular song with toasters, printers and electric toothbrushes. Ridiculously entertaining

  • Tantacrul - Snarky, well-informed discussions of music software and other current music issues

  • LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER - A real-life mad scientist invents terrifying, wonderful musical instruments -  including the Furby Organ, the Star Wars Lego Orchestra and a synthesizer that shoots flames in your face

  • The House of Kush - Excellent videos on how - and WHY - we use techniques such as compression, EQ, and panning when producing music

  • sonicstate - For all things SYNTH! Informative reviews of synthesizers, old and new

Links: Josh Dorfman
Links: Sinister Underground
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